big homie


On April 3rd I Received A Phone CalL…

telling me a friend was killed. There's no phone call like the unexpected ones with death attached. To hear that it was Tyrone was even worse. This friend is a brother. A son. A father. A village leader. Not just an activist, but a warrior for the people. The revolutions evolution. A protector. A provider. A sun. Walking amongst Ty was walking amongst God. If there was a human being that embodied all of our Blackness, our fight, our pain, our truth... it was Ty.

This was the friend that grew into family. Always felt like I've known Ty my whole life, or even longer. Like our ancestors aligned our paths for a reason. He was the homie you'd hit up for whatever, and he'd do whatever needs to be done, by any means, to make sure you're good. I've built with Ty. Turnt up with Ty. Cried with Ty. Marched and protested with Ty. I've mobbed with Ty. He's one of the homies I've felt the safest around, regardless of where we were. And we did a whole lot in our time together. Ty supported me with The Liberated Bloc and with my craft whenever he could. Blessed by all hes done for me. As you can imagine, the loss of Ty in all of our lives really put a halt to my creativity, and this is the first song I recorded after he was murdered.

My whole life has been about the relationships I've built. The forged families that have helped sculpt me into the person I am today. I walk across this earth and through this life with the wisdom passed on to me by my OGs. My big sisters. My big brothers. My Big Homies.

At no point in time do I ever want to forget about those who came before me, and have passed along knowledge and experience to guide me. I refuse to forget what y'all have done for me. 

My Big Homies know who they are. And if you a Big Homie to somebody, more power to ya.

Ty, I love you. Black Coal forever.


This beat was originally started with some scholars at a few blocks from my Big Homies family home. Don’t have the original stems to make the mix better for my frequency nerds, but I think its perfectly muddy. I think Ty would’ve loved this.

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