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I wasn't planning on making a project like this. Deciding to do the reflection pieces on the music gave me the opportunity to dive into my life and process what lead to the creation of the songs that embody Lost in Rendering. For the culture, I decided to do something we often talk about wishing we'd see: creating narrative and dialogue around the music we create. Creatively, I had spent the majority of my time producing, engineering, mixing and mastering work for other artists. I've still done plenty of collaborative work. But, I hadn't spent much time expressively creating for myself and utilizing this art for my own artistic and personal growth. I used to and lost track. Some things became routine. I used to be disciplined with the pen to the point I'd spend an hour or two a day dedicated to just writing. In my chaotic schedule that was a good look, and I was creating some dope music. That prioritized time shifted to the production, and I started working with more artists through that entry point. 

The songs that I did record, aside from Falls on this project, were all beats I created and enjoyed. Tracks I thought I found a slick cadence to, or could find a dope flip. Every producer has their favorite picks. The "Hey, ToneTone" you hear at the beginning of my tracks is my niece Marley. A vocal chop I got from a video they sent me for my birthday a couple years ago. It grounds me, and it's a dope tag. Marley represents so much in our family. 

These days as an artist, I find myself more balanced, not leaning more towards [instrumental] producer or rapper. Being able to do both simultaneously is a realm I'm diving more into and I’m in love with the process. I can get in my bag as either or. I've definitely been in spaces where the track is getting created at the same time, but not often enough. I caught myself getting used to writing around production sent to me by the squad, but I needed a challenge. These are a select few of those songs. 

I started unpacking life through my music again a while back. I wanted to challenge myself with being comfortable with how I put songs together in their purest form. My practice of capturing thought and energy while it's fresh. Some songs I spent some time on, others were created in one session. 

My sister, and long time friend Bianca O'Hare gifted me the art piece that's the cover for Lost in Rendering. She posted it on her IG story saying she wasn't feelin it. I messaged saying I'd take it, and she sent it straight to me. G as fuck. I got it from her around the time I was entertaining the idea of a project. This piece Bianca created was so inspiring to me. We talked about the idea of collaborating in the past, but never found the chance. While back home in Georgia, I was wrestling with the idea of an album cover, but couldn't narrow a concept that would embody what I had created. I thought and thought. And could only think of paint on canvas, art by the artists I know that inspire me; the art I surround myself with.

I had the image of Bianca's piece in my mind, but couldn't do anything because it was hanging on my wall in my apartment in Minneapolis. As soon as I got back, I took the pictures, and there it was. What better representation of the music than a piece of art that arrived at the beginning of the recordings. What better representation of the work than a canvas holding the strokes of acrylic paint that felt the vibrations and frequencys of everything that reverbed in my home. Shoutout Bianca. 

To all yall, I hope this project reaches you in good health and spirits. I hope you find it uplifting and inspiring. To the artists that were with me on this project, thank you. Yall helped me conceptualize, manifest, and create some beautiful work. To everybody that's been a part of my life to this point, thank you. I owe so many of y'all so much, and I'm so thankful and blessed for each and every one of y'all. Enjoy.

Peace & Light,

Stony Wellz aka malcolm

Read the “#LostInRendering: Reflections” put together by Malcolm Wells.

Thoughts and experience around the recordings for the project.



canvass art by: Bianca O’hare

website: biancaohare.com

instagram: @biancaohare



design by: Malcolm Wells

instagram: @heytonetone



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